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Purchase Pixels

The idea is simple one: to try and make $1m (US) by selling 1,000,000 pixels for $1 each. Hence, 'The Million Dollar Homepage".

Everyone is welcome to buy my pixels, which are available in 100-pixel 'blocks' (each measuring 10x10 pixels). The homepage is divided into 10,000 of these 100-pixel blocks (hence there are 1,000,000 pixels in total). The reason for selling them in 100-pixel blocks is because anything smaller would be too small to display anything effectively.

You can buy as many pixels as you like, as long as there are some available (see the live stats in the top right corner of the page). When you buy some pixels, you can then display an image/ad/logo of your choice in the space you have purchased. You can also have the image click through to your own website. However, no obscene or offensive images are allowed.

The pixels you buy will be displayed on the homepage permanently. The homepage will not change. Using some of the money I make from the site, I guarantee to keep it online for at least 5 years, but hopefully much longer. I want it to become a kind of internet time capsule. So, in the long run, I believe the pixels will offer good value. You will helped create a piece of internet history and a bit of art to boot!


Conditions of Purchase

  • Minimum Purchase: $100 USD (1 Pixel block - 10x10). Feel free to buy as many as you like.
  • You are purchasing a pixel advertisement on the main page lasting at least 5 years (hopefully more if we get enough funding).
  • You are only allowed to change the Image if your site has undergone a major change. Otherwise it is final.
  • No refunds once your pixel block is accepted and put on the main page.
  • No obscene/offensive/adult images/links will be accepted.
  • If your link is accepted and you later change the content of the linked site to show offensive/obscene/adult material then your link will be removed until you provide a new one, and you will not get a refund of any kind for the link downtime.
  • You can get your image removed at any time but it will become publicly available again and you will not receive a refund.
  • Images must be the exact size you have paid for (eg. 100 pixels = 10x10 pixels)
  • Images must be in GIF, PNG, BMP, or JPEG format AND not animated.
  • Links must be to web pages only and begin with http://
  • You must have the right to use the image you provide.
  • There might be occasional downtime for site maintenance but that will be kept to a minimum and will only be done when switching servers or upgrading
  • Your pixels will be added within 24 hours from time of purchase.

Ok great, so now you're all set to buy some pixels.



PayPal is the ideal payment method for purchasing 100 to 1,000 pixels. Because the pixels are sold in $100 blocks, please ensure you order the correct quantity of blocks when ordering.

Ordering is now done automatically through the grid selection page. Visit the grid page and simply click on the cell that you would like to purchase. After your selection you will have the opportunity to expand your selection in height and width.

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